Who You Need to Notify When You Move to a New Home

Who Should You Notify When You Change Addresses?When moving to a new home, there is much to do. Between packing everything, hiring movers, and coordinating everything around the current home’s closing, homeowners have a lot on their plate. However, one thing that they can’t afford to forget is moving notifications. When someone changes addresses, they need to notify a variety of different people in order to ensure that all of their mail is getting to the correct mailbox, and people are coming to the correct home. Here are some of the various notifications all homeowners need to make when moving to a new home.

The United States Postal Service

The very first change of address homeowners need to make is with the USPS. This can be very easily done online through USPS.com, and it costs $1.05 to complete. Homeowners can specify the exact date they will be moving so they can do it weeks or even months in advance. After updating their address, the homeowner’s mail will be forwarded to the new address starting on the specified day. However, certain mail such as magazines will only be forwarded for a short time, so homeowners will need to contact the distributor to have their address changed for those.

Utility Companies

As soon as the homeowner has a confirmed move date, they’ll want to contact any and all power utility companies they use. The companies need to be notified so they can turn off gas and electric at the old home and turn it on at the new home. If homeowners don’t do this, they risk paying for utilities at a home that is no longer theirs, or they risk not having utilities at the new home on moving day. Homeowners should contact their power company in advance to ensure that everything is properly scheduled ahead of time.

Banks and Credit Card Companies

Everyone has a bank account and at least one credit card, so homeowners will need to make sure their address gets updated in a timely manner. This is especially important for homeowners who get hard copies of their bank statements and other financial information in the mail. While the postal service does its best to ensure that it forwards all mail properly, mistakes can happen, and no one wants their financial information in the hands of a stranger.

Social Security Administration

If the homeowner or one of the home’s residents gets social security, they will need to update their address with the Social Security Administration (SSA). This can be done through an online application for convenience. Anyone who doesn’t get Social Security benefits can ignore this step. However, people receiving other government benefits will want to check the respective website to make sure the change of address gets submitted correctly.

Online Shopping Services

Homeowners need to go through all of their online shopping accounts and associated financial services to make sure their address is updated, or else they risk their purchases being sent to their old home. Accounts they need to change include things like Amazon, PayPal, eBay, and Venmo. Homeowners should even log onto accounts that they don’t use very often, just in case they make a purchase on one of those websites and forget to change the address that the website has saved.

Dakota County homeowners need to notify a lot of businesses and corporations when they move. These are just a few of the different things and not a comprehensive list. For more information about who to notify when moving, use a checklist as a guide.

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