Why is Minnesota Such a Great State to Live in?

Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinnesota is a fantastic state to live in and residents can agree there are many benefits to living here. Other than the freezing winters, there are not many drawbacks to this wonderful state. In fact, Minnesota residents love the winter season with a good fire, warm drinks, and the holiday season every year.

Booming Economy

The economy is doing really well in Minnesota.  St. Paul residents are seeing that unemployment rates are lower than any other major United States metro as of 2013. Named by Forbes as the eighth best state for business in the nation, Minnesota’s business is growing.

Healthy Residents

Due to having the best healthcare in any metro of the United States, Minneapolis residents are some of the healthiest in the country. Forbes even named the capital the fittest city in the nation.


Minnesota students are scoring highest on the ACT of the country for the past eight years now. Central Connecticut State University named Minnesota the second most literate state in the country.


Along with being the most bike-friendly city in the country according to Bicycling Magazine, Minneapolis has some of the best parks too according to the Trust for Public Land.

Extra Fun Facts

First Avenue is the second-best rock venue in the country by Rolling Stone Magazine. Most performers that visit mention how thankful they are to get to perform in the beautiful state. Also, Buzzfeed has called Minnesota the “most hipster state.”  

As it shows, Minnesota is an amazing state to live in. They are some of the healthiest and smartest in the country, with great outdoor options, and a booming economy. Minnesota proves that cold winters won’t bring them down and they are maintaining their excellent rankings in these categories compared to the rest of the country.

Image Credit: Doug Kerr - Flickr

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