Why You Need an Agent With Great Customer Service

Why You Need an Agent With Great Customer Service

4 Customer Service Habits Great Real Estate Agents HaveHiring a real estate agent to help sell a home is paramount to your success, but not all agents are the same. Real estate agents with a history of excellent customer service will be better able to entice and engage buyers until the sale is complete. Here are a few ways a real estate agent with great customer service will stand out from the others and ensure a successful real estate transaction.

1. Maintains Quick Response Time

Buying or selling a home is a service-dominated transaction. Sellers and buyers depend heavily on their real estate agents to:

  • Answer questions
  • Negotiate the terms of a purchase offer
  • Help resolve any conflicts with home inspections or appraisals
  • Stay communicative throughout the process

Sometimes, a real estate transaction simply cannot wait for regular business hours. A real estate agent who responds to calls, text messages, and emails quickly, even in the evenings or on weekends, will be able to clarify and solve problems without keeping sellers on the line waiting.

2. Engages Clients With Empathy

Any purchase of this size and scope is bound to be loaded with some emotional concerns for both buyers and sellers. Sellers engage the services of a real estate agent to take advantage of their expertise in selling homes, but also to provide a necessary buffer between the relevant priorities of buyers and sellers. The onus is on the agent to serve as an empathetic actor with a higher degree of objectivity. Agents who can look at the experience and needs of both parties and help them to work together to achieve their goals will ensure a smoother transaction.

3. Shares Information Freely

When people want to sell a home, they might have a lot of questions:

  • What is a fair list price for my home?
  • Should I upgrade my home before selling?
  • How long could it take to sell my home in this neighborhood?
  • How can I attract buyers with a larger budget?

Agents are a fountain of useful information. The best agents will offer information to sellers freely, often before they think to ask.

4. Anticipates Problems and Offers Educated Solutions

Home sellers are usually not experts in the process, which means that they may truly need a real estate agent who can tell them how to avoid common problems in the selling of homes in the area. Sellers do not want to find out after they have already staged the home that they should consider changing the paint color or add an extra upgrade. Effective real estate agents can anticipate problems that might occur with a particular property or sale and recommend solutions. This approach has the potential to prevent many hiccups in the sale from even beginning.

In a service-driven industry like real estate, having ideal customer service habits is key. Sellers who look for real estate agents—in Edina or elsewhere—who will respond to their queries, help them advance their agendas, provide them with information and prevent common issues will often earn an easier sale process in return.

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