Fencing Your Yard? Know Your Options

Fencing Types for Homeowners: What to Install In Your HomeFencing can be made from many different materials to meet the needs of homeowners. If you're a homeowner who is going to be installing fencing around your home soon, it's important to know your options. The type of material you choose will impact how much you spend, what the fence will look like, the fence's functionality, and also how much maintenance the fence requires. Knowing the different factors before you choose a fencing type can help you choose a type of fencing that will work for you.


Wood is a traditional fencing type favored by many homeowners because of its beauty and the ability to perform DIY projects. However, wood needs a lot of maintenance in order to remain functional over the years. Homeowners must either stain and seal or paint their wood fence every few years or the wood will begin to rot. Some wood lasts longer than others. Cedar, redwood and teak are among the longest lasting and most popular types of wood fencing. However, these types of wood can be more expensive than others.


Metal fencing is known to be durable and flexible in its application. Homeowners like metal fencing because it can take many shapes and needs little maintenance over the years. Some types of metal are much more affordable than others, so homeowners must work closely with their contractor to find a metal fence that works in their budget.


Vinyl fencing is popular because it's so affordable. It is also available in many colors, and it's found in home improvement centers everywhere. Vinyl requires little maintenance aside from periodic cleaning. The only disadvantage of vinyl is that it's not the most secure. This type of material is often used for small, decorative picket fences that will not keep anyone out of a yard and may not even keep a pet inside the yard.


Composite fencing is growing in popularity. Composite fencing is a combination of wood pulp and plastic. This product is designed to look more like natural wood than vinyl, but unlike natural wood, composite needs little maintenance. Some kinds of composite fencing lasts longer than others. Inexpensive composite fencing might warp or bend, or may become discolored with time. Homeowners looking for a long-lasting product may need to pay more for a high-end type of composite.

Chain Link

Chain link is perhaps the most basic and utilitarian type of fencing. It's easily installed and basically as inexpensive as fencing can get. It requires little or no maintenance. However, chain link is not the most decorative type of fencing. Many homeowners who install chain link will put it in the back yard but not the front, because it can detract from the beauty of the home.

Work with a Professional

No matter what type of fencing is being installed for your Apple Valley home, it's important to work with a professional. Working with a professional helps ensure that the fencing will be installed properly and that it will look good for many years to come. For more information about installing fencing around your yard, contact a contractor today.

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