Sell Your Home as a “Coming Soon” Listing With Kris Lindahl This Holiday Season

Our exclusive “Coming Soon” listing can help you sell faster and for top dollar with no staging, cleaning or showings! 

The Value of 'Coming Soon' Listings in Real EstateThis time of year brings out two kinds of home sellers: Those who wait until after the holidays to sell, and those who do an exclusive “Coming Soon” listing on

Guess who usually comes out on top? The “Coming Sooners,” and it’s not even close.

People avoid selling around the holidays for a simple reason: Who wants to worry about replacing carpets, modernizing appliances, staging, cleaning and showing their house during the busiest time of the year?

But here’s the thing: You don’t have to! Because an exclusive “Coming Soon” listing on delivers the best of both worlds.

First, your home gets seen by potential buyers. LOTS of buyers. Backed by the incredible brand awareness we’ve built through radio, TV and billboards—not to mention our 37,000 Facebook followers— has gotten nearly 50,000 homepage clicks in recent weeks. The #1 attraction: getting a sneak preview of homes that aren’t yet listed on the MLS.

Second, a Coming Soon listing only requires an exterior photograph of your house. That means you literally don’t have to touch the inside! Because your home isn’t officially “on the market” (on the MLS), you also don’t have to deal with all the hassles of showings. Boom!

Our Coming Soon listings build buzz the same way a retailer’s “Mega Sale Tomorrow!” ad does. The result: Our clients often end up selling their homes faster and for more money. Either their listing gets so much activity that they sell before entering the market, or they attract multiple offers in a short time and sell for over the list price.

Here are some actual examples of Coming Soon Success Stories from our agents:

“My Coming Soon listing in Princeton had back-to-back showings. Both submitted offers, and the sellers accepted one of them that day!”

—Carolina Schnorr

“I had a Coming Soon in St. Louis Park that ended up getting multiple offers right away. We sold it for $10K over asking price with no inspection!”

—Alissa Norquist

“I had a client avoid painting, carpet replacement and more by doing a Coming Soon listing with us. Soon after that, we sold her mom’s home as a Coming Soon— also with no prep or repairs!”

—Kassie Anderson Rinnet

“I’ve had more than one Coming Soon listing sell to the first buyer. Two of these sellers had young children and only had to have their home ready for one showing, which they really appreciated!”

—Sarah Beckstrom Skalicky

If you’re putting off selling during the holidays, don’t! Talk to us about doing a Coming Soon listing, and increase your chances of selling your home for more money and less hassle!

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