The Guaranteed Cash Offer Program (the “Offer Program”) is a program through which Kris Lindahl Real Estate, LLC (“KLRE,” “our” or “we”) and/or its affiliates[1] or third-party investors may make an offer to you for the purchase of your property. These Guaranteed Cash Offer Terms & Conditions (these “Terms”) explain terms of the Offer Program. These Terms do not create a binding contract for the purchase of your property. By applying for or participating in the Offer Program, you agree to these Terms and our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to modify these Terms at our discretion. By your continued participation in the Offer Program, you agree to the Terms as modified.


USE OF INFORMATION: By submitting your information to see if you qualify for the Offer Program, you agree that we and our affiliates and third-party investors may collect, use, and share personal information about you. You agree that KLRE and its affiliates and third-party investors may use this information, including your name, email address, phone number, and physical address, and other information relevant to applying for the Offer Program, in order to assess your qualifications for the Offer Program, to provide you with an offer if you are qualified, and to send or initiate direct marketing programs.


You also agree that KLRE may share the information you provide with its affiliates and third-party investors, as applicable, to assess your qualifications, to secure an offer if you are eligible, and for other purposes necessary to carry out our obligations. Our collection and use of your information is described in our Privacy Policy. Any affiliates’ or third-party investors’ use of your personal information is subject to their own privacy policies. 


TERRITORY, QUALIFICATIONS: The Offer Program is only available for properties located within the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Colorado. Other qualifications and terms apply. Decisions regarding your qualifications for the Offer Program are made at KLRE’s and/or our affiliates or third-party investors’ sole discretion and will be considered final and binding. KLRE and/or our affiliates or third-party investors reserve the exclusive right to issue or to decline to issue an offer for a property.


PROCESS: If the property meets the minimum criteria established by KLRE and/or our affiliates or third-party investors, and is determined to qualify for the Offer Program and you are made a written offer that you wish to accept, then you must sign a writen Purchase Agreement if you wish to accept the offer. If you submit information about your property, it may be shared with any affiliates and/or third parties. You understand and agree that we and/or our affiliates and third-party investors may or may not decide to provide you with an offer. The sale of a home is an individual decision, and participation in the Guaranteed Offer Program is not right for everyone. You understand that you have the right to reject any offer that you receive. If we or our affiliates purchase a property by a signed purchase agreement through the Guaranteed Offer Program, we may complete any renovation, remodeling, repairs or other work we deem appropriate and then attempt to resale the home at a profit, or we may attempt to sell the home to a third-party investor at a profit.


VALUATION: An offer made through the Guaranteed Offer Program may be less than the actual market value of your property. An offer is no substitute for an official property appraisal and a comparative market analysis prepared for you by a trusted professional. We do not offer opinions or advice on the fair market value of homes purchased through the Guaranteed Offer Program or the price for which those homes may be sold, nor do we make any promises that an offer through the Guaranteed Offer Program will be the highest possible offer that may be available in the marketplace.


THIRD-PARTY OFFERS: If you receive a cash offer for the same property from a third party and provide proof of this offer to KLRE, KLRE and/or its affiliates will review the offer and may make an offer that beats the third-party offer. In order for KLRE and/or its affiliates to beat third-party offers, all of the following criteria must apply: the offer is a cash offer, the offer is made for the same property, the offer is made under a similar “guaranteed offer” program with terms and conditions which are comparable to those of the Offer Program, and the offer is made by a similar company to KLRE. Issuance of offers, including offers in response to a third-party offer, is in the sole discretion of KLRE and/or its affiliates.


CLOSING: If you accept the written offer and comply with the other terms of the Offer Program, we will work with you to set a closing date and, if you have requested to stay in your home after closing, to set the period of time during which you can stay in the home after closing. You can typically expect to close within three weeks or sooner, but closing dates are subject to the information to be provided by you and the timelines provided by the title company, and closing may take longer. You will need to sign additional paperwork to stay in the property after the closing date. In most cases we may allow you to live in your home for free after closing for up to two weeks.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless KLRE from and against any and all claims, liability, damage, or loss arising from any misrepresentation, misstatement, omission of fact, or breach of a promise by you. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless KLRE from any and all claims or liability related to damage or loss to the property or its contents, or any injury to persons in connection with the marketing of the property. Indemnification by you shall not apply if the damage, loss, or injury is the result of the gross negligence or willful misconduct of KLRE.


ACCURACY OF INFORMATION; IMPAIRMENT OF OFFER: KLRE and/or its affiliates and third-party investors will rely on the accuracy of the information you provide us. All of them reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to modify, terminate, or suspend any offer should viruses, bugs, unauthorized human intervention or other causes beyond their control corrupt or impair the administration, security or safety of or related to the offer. These parties are not responsible for any human or technological error that may occur in the processing of the application to participate in the Offer Program or any offer, nor are they responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, communications line failure, theft or destruction of, unauthorized access to, delay in operation, transmission, or distribution of, or alteration of entries, whether caused by the sender, any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Offer Program, or otherwise.


LICENSURE AND OWNERSHIP. Kris Lindahl Real Estate, LLC is a licensed real estate broker in certain states. Kristofor E Lindahl, either individually or through entities affiliated or owned by Kristofor E Lindahl, is a licensed real estate broker in the states of Minnesota (Individual license number 40393726 – Company licensed number 40577988), Wisconsin (Individual license number 58437-90 – Company licensed number 938281), Colorado (Individual license number ER.100088934 – Company licensed number EC.100088950), Iowa (Individual license number B72115000 – Company licensed number F06527000), Florida (Individual license number BK3577929 – Company licensed number CQ1068259), North Dakota (Individual license number 10758 – Company licensed number 3344), and Nebraska (Individual license number 20220665 – Company licensed number 20220665). The employees and agents of KLRE may be licensed as real estate salespersons in one or more states. Kristofor Lindahl has an ownership interest in KLRE and its affiliates. We and Kristofor Lindahl may earn revenue and profit from the purchase and sale of property sold through the Guaranteed Offer Program.


NO LEGAL ADVICE: KLRE and its affiliates do not give legal advice, nor do they provide legal services. Any communication from KLRE or its agents or affiliates is not a substitute for the professional judgment of an attorney, realtor, appraiser, or other trusted professional. The sale of a home is a significant transaction. You should seek advice and proper counsel from an attorney or other trusted advisors with respect to any sale of your property.


REPRESENTATION. We do not represent any person unless there is a written signed seller’s or buyer’s representation agreement in place between you and us. If you are already represented by a real estate agent, you should promptly let us know.


CONTACT BY KLRE, OTHER TERMS: By providing your contact information, you are providing your express written consent to be contacted by a member of KLRE’s team and/or that of its affiliates or third-party investors by text, call, automated or otherwise, or email for further information and that such contact will not be considered unauthorized by any law or regulation. You acknowledge and agree to these Terms, our  End User License Agreement, as well as to our Privacy Policy.


[1] An “affiliate” is any company that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with KLRE, including but not limited to, Brenda the Buyer, LLC or any affiliates of Brenda the Buyer, LLC.