Home Selling: Making a Pool a Pleasure

5 Ways to Sell a Home With a PoolFor home sellers, a pool could be a major asset. If people position their pools in the right way, they might be able to improve the sale price, and entice even the most lukewarm buyers.

Assess Pool Condition

The most inconvenient time for sellers to learn about a complicated problem related to an important system is during a home inspection requested by a buyer. At that point, it could be very costly and time-consuming to fix. Instead, sellers should order an inspection of the pool in advance of listing the home. It may also be wise to ask for an inspection of the area surrounding the pool, such as a deck, patio, or outdoor entertainment space. This allows plenty of notice about any issues that a buyer might bring up, with time to get them fixed.

Discover Buyer Preferences

Although one pool might look very similar to another pool in the same area, pool preferences change. Sellers can put in some time to understand what buyers expect to see, so that they can deliver it. For example, safety is a necessity. In some areas, buyers may not be able to secure homeowners insurance for a pool without a gate surrounding it. Having this already resolved makes it easier for buyers to feel comfortable making an offer. Sellers could also look at current trends in pool designs, so that they know how they can make the pool appear fresh and new.

Establish Proof of Good Care

With any system that might break down, buyers are often taught to look past appearance and consider upkeep. Something that has to have excellent care to avoid breaking requires either time or money from the buyer, once they take occupation. As a result, buyers want to know that the system they buy is in its best condition. Sellers can put buyer fears to rest by organizing all the maintenance records and having them ready for browsing during a showing. This will help buyers to understand what has been done to the pool during the seller’s ownership. It also shows that the seller has nothing to hide.

Stage the Pool

Although looks should not outweigh function of the swimming pool, there is a benefit to be had in staging outdoors as well as indoors to ensure the pool appear its best. A pool might run wonderfully with regular and recent maintenance. If the landscaping or the deck around the pool is unkempt, with cracks in the pavement or a peeling stain, buyers will be less interested. When they make an offer, they might set it at a lower price. Staging a pool involves fixing cracks and chips, repainting signs and guidelines, and making necessary repairs to the surrounding areas.

Set a Competitive Price

It can be really tempting to take the retail price for an awesome swimming pool and add it to the list price, but this is not usually how it plays out for sellers. In fact, home improvements like a swimming pool tend only to recoup 50-75 percent of their value. A pool without necessary safety features for buyers may be worth even less. Sellers should ask their real estate agents for the price bump that a pool provides in the area, and charge accordingly.

Selling a Minnesota home that has a swimming pool could boost the final sale price, or drop it. By taking advantage of these tips, sellers put their homes in the best position for a great sale.

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