Best Mexican Restaurants in Minneapolis, MN

Want Mexican Food in Minneapolis? Check Out These ChoicesMinneapolis, MN is not a place where many people think to go for Mexican food. That said, there are many choices for people who enjoy a little spice in their diet. This selection of Mexican restaurants has a little something for everyone, from expensive and up-scale, to a little more reasonable and laid back.


Some might say Colita has the best tacos in the state of Minnesota. Described as a Tex-Mex location, Colita combines flavors from the Mexican state Oaxaca, as well as other flavors from around the country. Colita has an outdoor patio for people who want fresh air. Show up early (before they open) to get your choice of seats. If you’re planning to come for an important event or a date, make reservations in advance.

The menu is extensive and includes a variety of Mexican and local beers, so you’ll have your range of options. If you’re a fan of mole, Colita has beef brisket tacos with mole sauce. This restaurant is only open for dinner.

Location: 5400 Penn Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

El Taco Riendo

El Taco Riendo has been called fast food, but it’s also said to be better quality than many fast-food restaurants. Ingredients are fresh, and food is prepared in front of you, so you’ll know that you’re getting the best meal for your money.

Visitors to El Taco Riendo comment that the line goes fast and the food is relatively inexpensive for how delicious it is. El Taco Riendo is open from morning through evening most days, so you can get delicious food from late breakfast through late evening.

Location: 2412 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418 USA


Centro is described as being a great special occasion restaurant, with Mexican-inspired food. At this restaurant, you’ll have your choice of a variety of excellent dishes, plus wine and beer. Centro provides space for people planning special events, and also provides catering service for people in need. If you’ve enjoyed Centro’s food in the past and would like to feed Centro to guests at your upcoming wedding or party, give them a call.

This is an excellent date restaurant, but not the kind of place you would go for a low-cost, quick lunch. Centro has takeout for people on the go.

Location: 1414 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Jefe Urban Hacienda

Known for excellent food and good service, Jefe Urban Hacienda is an excellent restaurant for private events, special occasions, or a night out with friends or family. Jefe Urban Hacienda has an outdoor patio for fine dining on warm summer evenings. People who go to this restaurant often comment on the cozy and intimate atmosphere as well as the creative Mexican dishes.

Jefe Urban Hacienda has indoor paid parking one block away from the restaurant. For vegetarians and vegans, Jefe Urban Hacienda has multiple items on the menu.

Location: 219 SE Main St, Minneapolis, MN 55414

La Fresca

Known in the neighborhood for good food and a pleasing atmosphere, La Fresca is the kind of place that you can enjoy over and over again. Many people claim that it’s an excellent neighborhood restaurant and worth the wait to get in the front door. La Fresca has vegetarian items for people with special dietary needs. Make reservations if you’re coming for a special occasion.

Prices at this restaurant are moderate, but this restaurant is not fast food.

Location: 4750 Grand Avenue S Minneapolis, MN 55419

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