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Tech Gadgets for the Home

A couple of years ago I was interviewed by and they called my real estate practice a “technology powerhouse.” I love tech, as most everyone that knows me can attest. Technology is the cornerstone of my business and the reason I’m able to sell so many homes. Well, that and my amazingly charming personality. […]

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Taking the Pooch for a Romp – Minnesota Dog Parks

What a beautiful day today! Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice as well. Winter is just a weird memory at this point. You know those lazy weekends when you have nothing in particular you have to do? How about sharing the day with your pooch? I have so many clients that swear their dogs […]

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Moving Up: Should you Buy or Rent?

So many of my former clients are outgrowing their present homes and thinking about moving up to a larger home. Selling the current home isn’t the problem – the inventory of available homes is still suppressed with lots of buyers in the market. We need listings. The problem is that these folks are also buyers, […]

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