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It wasn’t long ago that The Star Tribune ran headlines like, “Pandemic Creates Boom in Minnesota Real Estate Careers”. But with the cost of living and doing business soaring, many agents lack the support or stability to continue.
Meanwhile, agents at KLRE are thriving against adversity.


What does being top of mind as the best real estate company
in Minnesota and Wisconsin mean for you?


Imagine no longer having to be “ON” all the time.

No wishing you could escape back to the 2021 boom.

No burning yourself out, anxiously waiting for new clients to appear while dreading the idea of spending all your time prospecting.

Which of the options pictured would you rather pick?

The lackluster approach of always prospecting, or leveraging a brand-based model like KLRE?


When you combine Kris Lindahl Real Estate’s brand-based model with your guaranteed qualified appointments and overall experience… You’ll have all the time and opportunity you need to essentially create your own economy and

(no constantly juggling appointment setting or chasing leads)

(and your sphere of influence)

(while connecting with like-minded people all striving for personal and professional excellence)

(working in a purpose-driven, “Arms Out” culture of generosity)

Leverage Our Branding

You’ve probably seen or heard our marketing everywhere (like “THAT” ad 1,000 times).

Well, instead of watching business dry up or wondering when new clients will find you, you can immediately benefit from our BRAND-based model via:
While it’s Kris on all those billboards, it’s our agents who benefit from everyone calling.

Think about it like this:

Target’s headquarters is here. They spend billions on advertising per year.

When the very sight of Target’s Bullseye logo triggers thinking about a Target run, people don’t fly in from all over just to shop at the flagship store. They go to whichever is top of mind and most convenient.

(And a trip for one item often turns into spending $200.)

Kris Lindahl Real Estate’s agents have this same unique advantage.

Our “Arms Out” movement is generating massive brand awareness and demand. When potential clients need help in today’s complex market, finding a nearby agent on our team instantly pops into mind.

You’ve probably noticed not a lot of people in the Midwest relocate. Everyone and their uncle knows 10 realtors here. But being backed by a well-known brand helps you stand out and boosts your credibility.

Interested in joining a winning team and our “Arms Out” movement?

What This Looks Like
For Existing Agents Right Now

Instead of spending weeks with no listings or showings…

The agents inside Kris Lindahl Real Estate are reaping the benefits of our branding, database, and team-based system every day—even in today’s rocky economy.
You probably see what these agents are doing and think there’s no way it’s happening now.

After all, the market isn’t easy compared to the boom we saw in 2021.

Opportunities flying at you from every direction probably feels gone forever. Hearing from friends and family is likely back to being a birthday/holiday thing rather than a source of business.

But the career- and lifestyle-boosting movement pictured above is happening right now inside KLRE!

That’s the power of our brand-based brokerage and network.

When sellers need help navigating today’s complicated market, you’ll be positioned right in front of where all their attention is flowing.

If you love real estate, being in a supportive environment, and are willing to commit full-time; KLRE is the change you’ve been looking for.

Here’s The Catch
You Might Be Looking For:

Since we invest heavily in handing you qualified appointments, taking care of administrative work, and spending over six figures a month on branding you can leverage…

We don’t just hire anybody with a license.

We’re not a
great fit
if you lack
the following:

  • The desire to join a winning team full-time (not as a side hustle)
  • Ability to develop relationships with virtual strangers
  • The self-awareness and ambition to do, be, and have more
  • Confidence to jump right in versus overanalyzing
  • High-level professionalism (communication and appearance)

What does your current circle look like?

You’re likely here because you desire more for yourself, both professionally and personally. But as most agents know, not all teams are created equal.

A movement like ours gives you the platform to achieve your version of success, and:
No more craving support from a brokerage that expects you to take on all the responsibility and risk yourself.

Instead, you’ll have all the support, qualified appointments, and leadership you could want.

A Mission Bigger Than Just Real Estate

What does being top of mind as the best real estate company
in Minnesota and Wisconsin mean for you?
Giving Back And Having Fun

On top of giving back to others, Kris Lindahl Real Estate actively makes a difference in Minnesota and Wisconsin whenever possible.

This includes donating our time, talents, and treasures to fundraising. And as an Official Partner of the Minnesota Wild, or doing The 7th Inning Stretch with our other partner—The Minnesota Twins!



The fact you have arrived on this page and read this means something.
If you’re like many of the agents who come to us, you know deep down there has to be an easier way to sell homes  even if the economy isn’t perfect.   This is your chance to discover just how efficient selling homes can be.   But only you can decide if you’re ready to make that jump.


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