Where are the Best Places to go Dancing in Minneapolis?

Top Places for Dancing in Minneapolis MNDancing is an art form that attracts people of all ages, and from all walks of life. Infants who are just sitting up or crawling instinctively rock and bounce to musical tunes. Elderly couples who have been dancing together for decades find it irresistible to stay off the dance floor when their favorite song comes on. In Minneapolis, there’s plenty of places to indulge that love of dancing, or to even learn a few new moves.

These are the best places to go dancing in Minneapolis, MN:

Cinema Ballroom

Cinema Ballroom is a dance studio and dance school in Minneapolis that specializes in both ballroom and Latin dancing. Those who are interested in partner dancing can sign up for a class where they learn classic styles as well as modern moves. Individual dancers don’t have to feel intimidated—this dance studio specializes in offering a comfortable social setting where solo dancers are paired with partners to practice the steps. In addition, the ballroom hosts dance events where people can come practice their favorite form of dance. These include ballroom dancing nights and salsa dancing nights.

Varsity Theater

Varsity Theater is a venue located in the Dinkytown district of Minneapolis. While architectural experts may delight in its Art Deco design, dancers are pleased that this location offers them an opportunity to groove to their favorite live bands. In particular, students who attend the University of Minnesota are drawn to this place. They are able to grab tickets to hear their favorite bands or performers, while also enjoying a night of dancing with their friends. Of course, those who need a break will be able to rest and relax, as there is ample seating located along the periphery of the dance floor and throughout the theater.

Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit

Dancing has long been influenced by countries and culture, and Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit is the best place in Minneapolis to enjoy German dancing. Those who want to Waltz the night away or try their hand at the Polka will want to head to this popular locale in the city, grab a pint and then hit the dance floor. This restaurant and pub is most famous for its comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Aspiring dancers do not have to be familiar with the traditional cultural dance moves to join in on the fun. There is always someone available who is willing to show them the way. In addition to dancing, visitors should be sure to try an authentic German meal at this location.

Ground Zero Nightclub

Those who are hoping to dance into the early hours of the morning will want to head to a Minneapolis night club. Ground Zero Nightclub has long been known as the best place to dance in the city, and it has one of the most unique atmospheres in town. Self-described as diverse and interesting, this club has a gothic horror theme. Dancers will find that they can forget the trials and tribulations of their daily life as they dance to the loud electronic music that pumps through this thrilling night club.

Dancing is a wonderful form of self-expression, as well as an excellent way to relieve stress and worry. Anyone who needs a night out on the town in Minneapolis will find that there is a place to go dancing that feels just right to them.

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