Where to Go for the Best Museums in Minneapolis, MN

Where to Go for the Best Museums in Minneapolis, MNMinneapolis is a cultural haven for those who know where to look. While the city may not be known the world-over for its museums, visitors might be surprised at just how much world-class art can be found within the city limits. And yet, there’s far more to see than just paintings and sculptures from around the world. Museums in the city are a gateway to learning more about the culture and history that can be seen in the customs and traditions of today.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Covering four millenniums of artists’ blood, sweat, and tears and featuring more than 80,000 works, the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) is truly a sight to behold. Not only can visitors tour the museum for free, it also features new exhibits for residents who want to switch it up. Beloved by both tourists and locals alike, the MIA is an excellent space to see precious treasures from all over the world.

The Foshay Building

While it can be fun to visit the major museums in a city, sometimes it’s even more worthwhile to witness history on a slightly smaller scale. It gives people a chance to feel the history rather than being overwhelmed by it. The Foshay building has some truly fantastic views of the city for visitors who ride the elevator up to the top, but there’s more to learn than just how beautiful Minneapolis is. The exhibit found at the top lets people learn the story of how the building was constructed (and snap some truly memorable photos.)

American Swedish Museum

It’s easy to forget that cities are defined by the people within them—not by hype or pomp. The Swedish culture is a huge part of how the city came to be what it is today. Discovering this type of connection can help locals appreciate and connect with the buildings and faces around them. People enjoy the American Swedish Museum due to its impressive architecture (located in a stately castle) and fascinating exhibits about the Swedish people and their cultures.

Weissman Museum

Sometimes visitors to Minneapolis want to look at ancient Chinese artifacts at the MIA, but sometimes they may want to see something just a tad more modern. This contemporary museum gives its clientele a taste of what art can be like when artists view form and function from a slightly different angle. Housed in a building designed by the incredible Frank Gehry, this museum features a small but eclectic collection of art.

Mill City Museum

Minneapolis was built on their mills, and this museum gives everyone a chance to see how that revolution happened. This museum was once home to the largest flour mill in the world and is located right on the Mississippi Riverfront. It was here that residents found ways to build up an industry that would sustain much of the city. With flour being such an integral of so many of our favorite foods, visitors love coming here to learn the inside secrets behind such a famous industry.

Visiting these museums give people a chance to start seeing Minneapolis in a new light and can bring about a new love for this enchanting city. Minneapolis celebrates the accomplishments of artists everywhere, while still preserving its own culture and history for anyone who wants to learn.

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