Selling Your Home Soon? Consider Sprucing Up The Windows

Homeowners Looking to Sell Should Consider Improving Their Home's WindowsIf your home could talk, it would remark that it only has one chance to make a great first impression on a prospective buyer. Sometimes a sale is the result of curb appeal that instantly sets a property apart from all others on the market. One of the focal points inside that grabs a buyer’s attention is the windows. How exterior and interior windows look can make or break a staging. Here are 12 easy steps you can take to spruce up your windows and make your house feel more like a home to prospective buyers.

Transforming Exterior Windows

A quick drive past a few other local properties for sale will confirm how quickly buyers form an impression of each one. Unless a home already has high-end windows adding some simple touches to exterior windows can transform a home and instantly create curb appeal.

Add window boxes for color and charm. Homeowners handy with just a few basic tools can make their own and save money. An alternative to window boxes is window ledges; they are the perfect way to dress up a window and showcase attractive potted plants. Additionally, exterior shutters serve multiple purposes. They immediately draw a prospective purchaser’s eye and also provide protection from the elements and filter sunlight entering a home.

One of the quickest ways to spruce up exterior windows is adding a fresh coat of paint to their framing. Fresh paint spells neat and cared-for to a buyer. If you belong to a homeowner association, be sure to check with the property guidelines before changing from the existing color scheme.

Many people add awnings to their windows to add shade and to control a home’s internal temperature. However, awnings can also serve as a distinctive decorative touch. Properly maintaining outside windows is important for helping them look their best and for reducing utility bills. Regular inspections, fixing cracks and holes, and cleaning windows all boost a property’s curb appeal.

Adding Pizzazz to Interior Windows

Creative homeowners can come up with dozens of DIY window treatments to make interior windows memorable. Best of all, most of them are downright affordable. For those skilled with a paintbrush, painting white linen curtains creates a vintage look. Combining bed sheets with an iron and a bit of sewing can yield a window treatment that looks straight from a designer.

Roman curtains are an alternative to full-length drapes. These fabric coverings stack at the top of the window when retracted. Love the look of a tieback? Consider a leather belt, a necklace, or a gold chain to hold back draperies. Other possibilities include neckties, bracelets, and napkin rings.

Create a visual draw by skipping curtains. Paint inside window frames a color that contrasts with walls. Another option is adding lace to screens. Who says shutters are for exterior use only? In addition to giving a room a unique look, they can cut utility bills, add privacy, and control light.

Once you’ve made just the right changes to spruce up your home’s windows, show them off to the max when a prospective buyer arrives to tour the property. Open all window coverings to let light into the residence. Be sure to avoid advertising any undesirable views such as a sagging fence on a neighboring property. Blinds on any windows that afford a view of such a problem should remain partially closed. When a home in Anoka has one or more dark rooms built with few windows, it’s a good idea to brighten the space by placing lights on the floor behind a piece of furniture.

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